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Boxoft Album to Flipbook

  • Boxoft Album to Flipbook is an effective software designed to convert photos or images to vivid digital catalog album with page-flipping effect. With Boxoft Album to Flipbook, you can edit your photo by adding clipart, outline, text and frame. Besides, not only can you insert mask and texture, but also adjust light and effects. It is so easier for you to choose different kinds of themes and templates to describe your flip book. No any professional skills are needed in our software.
  • For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
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1.Powerful software to create vivid digital album

Boxoft Album to Flipbook is a professional software to create vivid and stunning photo gallery and publish it to flip book with page-turning effect. It enables you to decorate your photo by adding text, frame, clipart and so on. In addition, you can also rearrange your own layout and design your own style templates. With Boxoft Album to Flipbook, nothing can be difficult to build your own style photo album with attractive page-turning effect.

2. Custom unique flip book template and theme

Three free existing templates are available to you: Spread style, Classical style and Float style. Choose one of them to apply to your flip book. If you want to get more free templates or themes, you can go to our website and download more as you like. Besides, it also enables you to custom you own style charm themes. The most enjoyable thing in our daily life is the moment to enjoy your own achievement. Cool?

3. Strong editing tools to decorate your photo

Boxoft Album to Flipbook provides you strong editing tools to decorate your photos and images. Not only can you select background image, insert images, but also add text and colorful frame. Moreover, you can also insert mask and texture and adjust the light and effect of photos. With powerful editing functions, your photos will turn to be a beautiful dynamic photo album.

4. Various outputting formats

Boxoft Album to Flipbook enables you to publish photo album with page-flipping effect in four kinds of optional forms:

(1) Publish dynamic photo album in HTML format for you to view online;

(2) Output the photo album in ZIP format to send to others;

(3) Publish photo album in EXE format;

(4) Publish photo album in App format;

(5) Create mobile version to view on iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Android devices.

5.Free upgrade forever

All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased our software, you can use it forever. We keep the right to raise price for later versions, but you do not need pay one cent for upgrading after you purchased our software.

6.30 days money back guarantee

If you have anything confused or want to know more about our software, please feel free to contact us and we always serve you. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason and want to request a full refund, please contact us by email as soon as possible.

Strong functions to decorate photo album

  • 1.Add new page to photo album
  • 2.Define page size: Width and Height
  • 3.Select to apply background color to pages or insert background images.
  • 4.Choose Picture Pattern of background image
  • 5.Select background image from Background lists or your own computer
  • 6.Add different formats of images to your flip book
  • 7.Select cute and lovely clipart and add it to your album
  • 8. Insert text and define its font, size and color
  • 9.Adding photo frame to your album
  • 10. Delete the frame and layer as your want
  • 11. Print your photo album as you like
  • 12.Share your photo album through email
  • 13.Zoom in or zoom out the photo album
  • 14.Add mask to the photo
  • 15.Choose different kinds light effect to apply to your photo album
  • 16.Select cute frame for the inserting images
  • 17.Apply different texture to your inserting images
  • 18. Effect options: Base, Colors and Art settings


Custom your flip photo catalog

  • 1.Insert Book Title
  • 2. Hide flip book frame bar
  • 3. Custom Book Proportions (Page Width and Height)
  • 4.Define page shadow and shadow opacity
  • 5. Four existing templates are available to you
  • 6. Custom your own style book themes
  • 7.Define page flipping time
  • 8.Add background music to flip book
  • 9. Change flipping cover to hard cover
  • 10.Allow to print and download flip book
  • 11.Show or hide the search button, Help button and Share button
  • 12.Support to view flip book in full screen
  • 13. Support to autoplay flip book
  • 14. Define Font Color, Button Font, Window Font Color, Window Font, Bookmark Font Color and Bookmark Font
  • 15. Define page size and quality of flipping book


Publish photo album to flip book

  • 1.Output flip book in four formats: Html, App, Exe, Zip
  • 2.Make a mobile version of flip book
  • 3.Burn flip book to CDs
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