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eFlip Magazine Builder

  • eFlip Magazine Builder is a professional digital publishing platform designed to create digital publications with realistic page-turning effect from PDF document, MS office and Open Office documents. It offers you 5 GB free online publication storage so that you can publish your flipping book online.
  • For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
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eFlip Magazine Builder is a powerful flipbook software which enables you to share flipping book instantly. It is available at low rates and can create professional flipping books without any hassle. It is easier for you to customize your own style digital publication without any professional skills.


eFlip Magazine Builder Screenshots


eFlip Magazine Builder Screenshots


eFlip Magazine Builder devotes itself to create online flipping book for publisher use as well as personal use. It has a lower and competitive price. With lower cost, it supports to output premium quality digital publications. It also enables you to create table of contents so that you can reach the page of flipping book you want in a short time. It allows you to import the original bookmarks or create a new one for flipping book.


eFlip Magazine Builder enables you to showcase your products or service to your users or customers. It offers you a new way to show your products online, which will grab the attention of the audience. It enables you to batch converting PDF files to flipping book in no time. As a result, you needn’t to convert it one by one, because it is a waste of time.



Product Features

  • 1.Life time techical support
  • 2.Life time customer service
  • 3.Brand flipping book with logo and link
  • 4.Enable to upload flipbook online
  • 5.Allow to set book title, window font, font color
  • 6.Insert book logo
  • 7.Provide full screen mode to read flipping book
  • 8.A variety of colorful templates and themes
eFlip Magazine Builder Screenshots
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