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1.Free software to make page flipping flash eBook without limitation

Boxoft Free Flash EBook Maker is a totally free software for people to convert thousands of flash eBook from txt file without any limitation. Once you download it, you can use if forever without paying any cost.

2.Three built-in templates to design flash eBook

With using Boxoft Free Flash EBook Maker, you can easily make flash eBook with different styles by choosing templates to design, such as Classical Template, Float Template and Spread Template. Each template has more than 10 styles themes, and you can even make own style flash eBook with inserting self-designed background file, including image file and swf file.

3.Make Hardcover flash eBook

Want to create hardcover flash eBook for children? Boxoft Free Flash EBook is the hardcover flash eBook builder to help you convert Doc to hardcover flash eBook without any programming skills. You just need to switch “Yes” to the template setting of “Hardcover”, don’t you think it’s easy?

4. Create right to left e-book

Boxoft Free Flash EBook Maker is not only easy converter to convert text to flash eBook, but also enable you to make right to left eBook with right to left language with ease, such as Arabic language eBook.

5.Powerful output functions

Three output types of flash eBook for choices: HTML, ZIP and EXE. Especially HTML type flash eBook can easily embed on web page and blog page. With using Boxoft Free Flash EBook Maker to create flash eBook, you can also make CD version of flash eBook.


Introduction of 3D PageFlip Professional


If you would like to make flash eBook or page flipping photo album with 3D effect, you can choose easy flip book maker of 3D PageFlip Professional. The flip book maker which allows you to convert PDF to flipbook with realistic 3D effect, such as you use Panoramic background to make flip book with giving viewers fresh reading experience and make 3D flash eBook to be read in 360 degree by dragging eBook to rotate and spin. Especially, the easy flip book maker can even allow people to add video, photo slideshow, flash, hyperlinks to flash eBook easily and fast. So if you want to make your readers to be impressive to view your flash eBook or any e-publication, the flip book maker of 3D PageFlip Professional is your best choice.


flip book maker of 3D PageFlip Pro Screenshot
  • 1. Flexible import options: Import all pages, Import custom pages, Quickly import
  • 2. Create hard cover flash e-book
  • 3. Build right to left eBook
  • 4. Customize background, background color
  • 5. Set book title
  • 6. Design book proportions, such as page width, page height
  • 7. Make auto flip flash eBook
  • 8. Add home button to flash eBook
  • 9. Import hyperlinks
  • 10. Add security to protect flash eBook or e-report
  • 11. View flash eBook in full screen
  • 12. Enable to print, print all pages, print page range, print current page
  • 13. Show or hide thumbnails
  • 14. Insert background music to create flash music eBook
  • 15. Easily publish online for people to share via email, social networks
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