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1. Realistic Page Flipping Effect

Boxoft Free Flipbook Publisher converts all your text files into flipping book. And amazing realistic page flipping effect would bring all readers a real book reading feeling.

2. Choose Different Template

Four main templates in the default setting, users can pick different templates for different use of flipping book from text. So readers would be much more enjoy in your flipping publications!

3. Batch Conversion

Do you have plenty of long text files and be puzzled about no bookmark? Now, Boxoft Free Flipbook Publisher offers you an efficient way to manage the text files. You can batch convert them into flipping books to save time.

4. Upload the HTML File to Web

When you make flipping book from Boxoft Free Flipbook Publisher, you can easily output the book in HTML format and then you can upload the book to your web with ease!

5. Email Share Flipping Book

Output the flipping book in ZIP, you can email to your readers. Also you can enable the share button and write in your email subject and your email address, when you click the email share from the toolbar your readers would get your book.


3D PageFlip Professional

Well, Boxoft Free Flipbook Publisher is designed for Text conversion; If you want to convert your flipping book from PDF, 3D PageFlip Professional would not be the second choice! 

3D pageFlip Professional is the new product that we spend a whole 2012 to fulfill the function. It is not only a convenient, really helpful converter from PDF to Flipping book; also the 3D scene would lead readers to a fabulous reading experience. Besides, in the edition you can put a group of 360degree pictures, then it would be a 3D product show in your . The powerful 3D PageFlip Professional supports page edit feature, that your Publication from PDF would be attractive and complete!


3D PageFlip Pro Screenshots

Easy and Quick Importing in Single Conversion

  • 1. Easy import the Text files;
  • 2. Five kinds of page quality can be chosen;
  • 3. Watermark can directly imported at once when import the text;
  • 4. Import links with a check on “import link” caption;


Under Options

  • 5. Set different toolbar languages to your flipping book and among the different languages you can use switch button to flexible change the language by readers;
  • 6. Set password to stop others to read your book without permission;
  • 7. Choose render engine (SWF, GPL Ghostscript, Inner Library) for your PDF to flipping book conversion;


Customize the flipping book

  • 8. Pick a template and theme;
  • 9. Select a background file and color;
  • 10. Hard cover for front and ending page;
  • 11. Show or hide buttons;
  • 12. Enable download;
  • 13. Enable auto flip pages;
  • 14. Email share the flipping book;
  • 15. Full Screen check the book;
  • 16. Insert URL, Image and Sound;
  • 17. Thumbnail for navigate;
  • 18. Initial show for bookmark or thumbnail;
  • Search for the related content;


Output Formats

  • 20. HTML: upload the flipping book for online view;
  • 21. EXE: for PC use as other exe file;
  • 22. ZIP: convenient to send to others;


Batch Conversion

  • 23. Import all Text files in one time no matter how many are they;
  • 24. Add folder of text would save you much more time;
  • 25. Three formats to choose for different uses;
  • 26. Even you can merge all Text filed to one Flipping book.
Boxoft Free Flipbook Publisher Screenshots

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