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  • Have you ever thought about making an album to your parents or friends with the realistic page flipping effect? Are you looking for freeware to help you? Now, you are in the right page because we provide you totally free software to convert Text to flipping book. Have you ever thought about the environment problem of paper-wasting? Are you looking for the solution that you can read books but without any waste of paper? Now, Boxoft Free Online Catalog Maker would be your best choice, although you can experience the realistic page flipping reading of e-book that is similar to the real book, you can save papers so that you can protect the environment you live.


    Boxoft PDF to Flipbook-(For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7)

    Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for Mac version-(For Mac OS 10.5 or above)

  • For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
(Total Free)
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1. The Album for Parents and friends

When you look the calendar, you suddenly find tomorrow is your friend A’s birthday, then what should you do? You have no enough time to prepare a delicate present for him. Now, with the Boxoft Free Online Catalog Maker, you don’t need to worry, you can find all his photos and make a flipping book album for him. There would be a lot of your sweet words, he must be surprised and it would be the most touching present he ever have.

2. Realistic Page Flipping Reading as Real Book

There are no any good presents that are better than a book, because reading would be the best habit. Imagine that you give a book as present to your best friend, and it would be preserved forever and never be put aside because it would be a real present from you and him. If you give him a real book, when he read the book in winter it would be cold to hold the book, and also nobody likes hold something all the time in the hot summer, while the flipping book from Boxoft Free Online Catalog Maker would help you! You are not giving a best present also your book don’t need anyone to hold it. Maybe you would think that is not a real book. But the realistic flipping effect really really makes readers get the real book reading feeling. With a cup of coffee and a real book from you and drag the page corner to turn pages would be the most fantastic thing in the weekend.

3. Protect the Environment

Now the earth lives six billion people already. If people don’t worry about their habits, the environment would be worse and worse. Although people all like reading books, but we can find a new way to read book but not the real book, it can be the electric book. Maybe you would say it is different, and we have ebook already. But today I would say “No!” The common ebook is just text format while with Boxoft Free Online Catalog Maker; you would get a flipping book that you can experience the very real book reading.

4. Exhibit in Different Formats

If you made the flipping book for your friends, you would worry about the formats and about if others can view your flipping book. While, with Boxoft Free Online Catalog Maker, that would be redundant worries because it is page flip software with three formats: html, zip and exe that makes sure that you can view the book online, offline, on PC and transmit via email.

5. Batch Convert to Save Your Time

Boxoft Free Online Catalog Maker is page flip software that helps you convert all text files in one time! You can import every text one by one also you can import different folder of text files and then convert them in one time and combine them in one flipping book.


3D PageFlip Professional

Now, the 3D movie is popular but have you ever thought about the 3D books? With 3D PageFlip Professional, every fantasy to ebook you can realize! The powerful page edit function makes 3D PageFlip Professional to be really wonderful page flip software because it is not the only traditional converter anymore; it is also a designer machine! The 360 degree spinning picture show has taken place of the traditional slide show and it becomes much more cute and perspective! Also another spinning 3D product show can show your product with different angle. Every different template would shock you and the competitive edition feature would make your flipping book to be amazing! Yes, just a completely amazing flipping book after insert no matter sound, text, images or Youtube, that is the amazing thing that common people can easily do with such software!


3D PageFlip Pro Screenshots

Flipping book in your hands only with

  • 1. Import the text file easily and quickly convert;
  • 2. Batch converts text files into one flipping e-book;
  • 3.Import text, then the search function can be flexible used in your flipping e-book;
  • 4. Set the quality and size for the flipping book;
  • 5. Import links from the previous text files;
  • 6. Insert a MP3 as the background sound and set for the play loops;
  • 7. Embed text, image or dynamic date/time etc as watermark;
  • 8. Choose template and theme to the flipping e-book;
  • 9. Change the color and position of the toolbar;
  • 10. Enable or disable the buttons as print, about, full screen and download;
  • 11. Modify height and width to show the image in fit place;
  • 12. Set password to protect your flipping book;
  • 13. Define language and enable the switch button;
  • 14. Full screen view the book;
  • 15. On-line view;
  • 16. View the book unlimited on any PC;
  • 17. HTML format eBooks can be uploaded for online view and without website domain limitations;
  • 18. Email transmits the flipping book in zip or exe formats.


Various Output Settings

  • 21. HTML: When output the Html flipping book, you can upload it to your web and watch it or publicize it with a link;
  • 22. EXE: The Exe is similar with any other exe files, so it is convenient and simple for you view on PC;
  • 23. ZIP: You can email with your Zip format flipping book.
Boxoft Free Online Catalog Maker Screenshots

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