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  • New Year is on the way, have you ever thought about your New Year wishes or plans? As we all know, every great mind always has the something good in their behavior; well, setting plans for future would be the most common advanced rule of the men related to success. If you never set your plan, don’t be confused, we always have our wish. If someone knows his wishes in the life, he would own the better life someday. So never miss every little wish in your life! Now, you can recommend your wishes in your Text files. Day after day, collect all your text files and convert it to a flipping book that would be your precious memories about Youth. Now, with Boxoft Free Paper Flip Maker, you can easily realize the aim without any charge.


    3D PageFlip Professional-(For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7)

    Boxoft PDF to Flipbook-(For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7)

    Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for Mac version-(For Mac OS 10.5 or above)

  • For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
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1. Figure out What is Important

In your flipping book from Boxoft Free Paper Flip Maker, although you have easy text file of wishes, in this flipping book, everything become vivid, you have more patience to read your stuff, then you would understand clearly about what is important in your present life.

2. Make Your Decision Quickly

Clearly and in a pretty interface of your wishes in the flipping book from the Boxoft Free Page Flip Maker, you would not hesitated about what you should do for that everything show you in line or in different pages.

3. Do Everything Easily

The Boxoft Free Page Flip Maker helps you output your wishes or plans of flipping book in different formats, so you can install the important and private file in different devices. You can put your flipping book in USB with EXE, and wherever you are, you can see your plan easily with any computer. Whenever you transfer your work plan of flipping book in ZIP format and transfer to your boss via Email that would shock him or her and be surprised about your working ability.

4. Protect Your Own Privacy

With text, you cannot protect your privacy except hide the file in your computer, while Boxoft Free Page Flip Maker would help you to solve this problem, you can insert a password, then even everybody has seen your file but without your permission of a right password, they can only curious about it but never can they attempt to open it!

5. Design Your Own Thing with Any Ideas

You’re not only own a convert of text to flipping book but also a machine to promote your own design ability, you can not only choose the pre-set templates and themes, you can also design your own style theme! And in this free page flip software only things you cannot predict, nothing would confuse you!


After the Boxoft Free Page Flip Maker, maybe you are not satisfied of the flipping book world!


Yeah! The 3D PageFlip Professional is the finally treasure!

When you write your text file you are not satisfied with the same font of word? When you import your text to Free Page Flip Maker, you want to edit your files with more functions? When you have another PDF file, and you want to change it into page flipping book? When you want more exciting template for free?

3D PageFlip Professional would be the most best choice with no overstate! Once you have 3D PageFlip Professional any competitors would never win you! They could never think about it! 3D PageFlip Professional is friendly supporting you and letting you batch convert, page edit, insert multiple medium with flash, images, sound, vedio, text and even YouTube! The unique 360 degree spinning picture ball lets your images rolling in the ball and flexible lets other to pick to view flipping book; the fabulous 3D scene let readers feel totally comfortable; the 360 degree of main product show let consumer views your product clearly and they would be attracted to you. So many advantages you will know when you see the website and free trial, I promise you would love it and you cannot forget it!


3D PageFlip Pro Screenshots

Customize Your Wishes and Plans in Flipping book

  • 1. With Text of Wishes, you can get a flipping book with Browse easily;
  • 2. Choose the size and quality from different five modes;
  • 3. Import text or image as watermark of the flipping book;
  • 4. Import links at the same time with the content;
  • 5. Batch convert Text files;
  • 6. Password is set to protect your security of flipping book;
  • 7. Different toolbar languages can be chosen, and they can be switchable;
  • 8. Various templates and themes for you to choose;
  • 9. Select background file, colors and fonts;
  • 10. Enable you to have hard cover for front and ending page;
  • 11. Enable features by Showing or hiding buttons;
  • 12. Allow readers to download;
  • 13. Auto flip pages to view the book;
  • 14. Share the flipping book via email share on the toolbar;
  • 15. Full Screen to view;
  • 16. Insert links, Images and Sound to enrich the book;
  • 17. Thumbnail for navigate;
  • 18. Decide the initial show by yourself;
  • 19. Search for the related content;
  • 20. Merge all Text filed to one Flipping book.


Various Output Settings

  • 21. HTML: When output the Html flipping book, you can upload it to your web and watch it or publicize it with a link;
  • 22. EXE: The Exe is similar with any other exe files, so it is convenient and simple for you view on PC;
  • 23. ZIP: You can email with your Zip format flipping book .
Boxoft Free Paper Flip Maker Screenshots

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