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1.Custom vivid and attractive iPad flip book

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for iPad is a popular software designed to convert PDF files to iPad flip book with page-turning effects. With unique HTML5 technique, you can create flip book which enables you to view it on iPad effortlessly. More and more iPad readers will enjoy your flip book with page-turning effects and its custom service.

2.Custom your own style iPad flip book

To create a special iPad flip book with your custom design and fancy idea is so excited for you. Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for iPad enables you to custom your own style iPad flip book easily. You can set your favorite picture as your background image, insert book logo, URL and define book title. With your strong imagination and creativity, your iPad flip book will be more attractive and more beautiful.

3.Two kinds of formats to output flip book

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for iPad enables you to output unique iPad flip book in two formats, including Html and Zip. You can upload html format flip book online so that iPad fans can read your flip book on iPad through Safari Browser. The ZIP format flip book is a compressed file so that you can send it to your friends or readers quickly by email.

4.Read flip book through three ways

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for iPad offers you three way to read you flip book. First, you can drag the page footer to read flip book; Second, it allows you to read flip book by clicking the page in thumbnail window; Last, you can click the play button to view the flip book.

5.Lower Price but powerful functions

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for iPad is a professional with lower price and powerful functions. It only costs you 79 dollars, and you can use it to convert your ordinary pdf files to wonderful dynamic flip books with page-turning effects. What a wonderful software it is!

6.Free upgrade forever

All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased the software, you can use it forever. We keep the right to raise price for later versions, but you do not need pay one cent for upgrading.

7.30 days money back guarantee

If you have anything confused or want to know more about our software, please feel free to contact us and we always serve you. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason and want to request a full refund, please contact us by email as soon as possible.

Essential features:

  • 1. Affordable and lower price.
  • 2. Easy operation with detailed manual.
  • 3. Adobe Reader or Acrobat is not required.

Importing PDF files:

  • 1.Custom pages range to import PDF files
  • 2.Define page quality and size to import PDF files
  • 3.Import links and table of content to flip book
  • 4.Enable to search in flip book

Functional features:

  • 1.Insert book logo, logo URL, book title and book description to flip book
  • 2.Show or hide Share, Thumbnails, Zoom, Bookmark and Search buttons
  • 3.Support to auto play flip book
  • 4.Set a hard cover for flip book
  • 5.Change the page turning direction
  • 6. Custom book margins of flip book (Top, Bottom, Left, Right margin)
  • 7.Change the link down color and Alpha
  • 8.Supply with a variety of build-in templates
  • 9.Easily share flip book with the public
  • 10.Output flip book in HTML and Zip format
  • 11.Zoom page of flip book in or out
  • 12.Thumbnail window to find the pages you want quickly
  • 13.Allow to edit bookmarks
  • 14.Enable to search for the content
  • 15.Insert Google Analytics ID
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